COVID 19 Help

  • COVID - Secure
  • Re-Opening Checklist & Action Plan
  • Dealing with Redundancies
  • Business Hours Helpline & Advice


COVID - Secure

Do you need guidance on social distancing at work? What about access to COVID-19 policies, signs and posters for your bounce-back plan? Or maybe HR support to deal with flexible and home-working or furloughed employees?

Our specialist partner XACT has developed a range of COVID-19 services and packages to help make sure you and your employees are safe at work, whether you’re in lockdown or seeking to restart your business.

  • Specialist support from a provider you can trust
  • Unlimited access to the web portal
  • Access to online HR management software
  • Access to online H&S risk assessments
  • Business hours helpline and ongoing support via an alerts service
  • Return to work packages
  • COVID 19 Policy, Signage & Posters
  • Social Distancing Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety
  • Furloughed Assistance & Letters
  • E-Learning Course for all staff

Re-Opening Checklist & Action Plan

Returning from furlough. Completing the COVID-secure risk assessment. Ordering PPE. Rearranging the workplace. Reinforcing the cleaning process.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and wonder where to start. Don’t worry. You can access a world of information – including brand new COVID-19 redundancies checklists – and receive expert verbal advice from our partners at Xact.

Dealing with redundancies

The economic shockwaves from the COVID-19 crisis have left many employers forced to consider redundancies to make sure their businesses are in the strongest position to survive. While redundancy is never a pleasant topic, it’s certainly one that requires careful consideration and expert guidance.

Our HR and Employment Law experts are on hand to guide you through the process.

External HR & Employment Law Support– all year round

Managing people against the background of ever-increasing legislation can be very risky and complicated for a business owner. With XACT you can benefit from:
  • Access to online HR Management software
  • Access to online H&S Risk Assessments
  • Business Hours Helpline
  • Ongoing support via our alerts service